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The fastest way to build Smarter LLM-Powered Apps

Connect your data and add tools. Build any AI App with just a few clicks. Leverage the ease of use of a CMS and the versatility of a powerful Python framework. Deploy on-prem for complete data governance.

Build any AI App
From internal AI platforms to highly specialized assistants for your end-customers.
Add powerful Tools
Power your apps with Python. Add tools that your AI can use to complete your tasks.


How to build your AI App

Create internal and customer-facing AI Apps in minutes: instantly connect your data and add tools to automate key tasks. No need to build complex infrastructures. Go AI-Live in a day, not 6 months.

1. Connect your data

Connect proprietary data sources using one-click connectors for databases and apps, or simply upload custom data.

AI Controls

2. Add Tools

Make your app x100 smarter by adding custom tools to solve complex tasks. Empower your AI to perform a universe of task like generating a report, assisting customers, launching a marketing campaign, making API calls, and much more. Activate or deactivate the tools the app will use.

AI Controls

3. Run the AI

Unleash the full potential of your LLM-powered App with instant deploy. On your data, solving your tasks.

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