Access 1,000 AI Agents
All at the same time

Unlock the full power of the first GenAI Super Agent.
Combine multiple AI Agents in one and automate a universe of tasks.
At scale, with a few clicks.

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The complete GenAI platform for your company

Leverage the most advanced enterprise-grade GenAI suite designed for Next Gen organizations. Build, run, and scale AI and GenAI Agents, empowering your teams with a single, integrated platform. Access all you need to adopt AI: agents, control centers to orchestrate AI across teams, complete governance, security, and AGISpark our proprietary cognitive AI model.

Welcome AGISpark
Access a cutting-edge AI cognitive system designed to execute a universe of advanced tasks with unique flexibility.
Access powerful Agents
Power your AI ecosystem with a universe of powerful agents, designed to complete and automate your company tasks.
Build any AI App
From internal AI platforms to highly specialized assistants for your end-customers.
End-to-End Governance
Keep complete control over your data and teams. Monitor access and usage of your AI applications and models.


How to build your Smart AI Agents

Launch powerful AI Apps in minutes: instantly connect your data and leverage and combine Agents to automate key tasks. Without building complex infrastructures and manual integrations.
Go AI-Live in a day, not 6 months.

1. Connect your data

Connect your proprietary data sources using one-click connectors to databases, 3rd-party apps, documents and any custom data.

AI Controls

2. Access a universe of Agents & Models

Make your AI x100 smarter by leveraging Agents and models designed to automate complex activities. Empower your AI to perform any task like generating a report, assisting customers, launching a marketing campaign, making API calls, and much more. Manage and customize multiple Agents on a single platform.

AI Controls

3. Run the AI

Unleash the full potential of your AI Apps thanks to instant deploy, seamless integration and enhanced capabilities. Automate any task.

Unleash the power of Smarter AI
in one click.

Schedule a demo and transform your workflows. Bring GenAI to your enterprise and to your customers.

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